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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Blue Moon

Interesting Read
The Blue Moon Chronicles by June E. Spears is an interesting read that draws you in. The story captivates you from the start.  Sophie is a seventeen year old girl visiting her grandparents in Greece for the summer.
Sophie is seduced by an attractive vampire with a mission. Sophie doesn’t know him. She never learns his name or where he’s from. This transpires on the night before returns to the United States.
They enjoy a night of ecstasy. The vampire informs her that she will be having his baby and gives Sophie a box that contains a necklace. He instructs her that she is to give this necklace to the baby when she turns eighteen. He also gives her the name that he wants her to name the baby. He then disappears from her life.    
The story then becomes confusing and lacks cohesiveness. The next chapter takes you to when the baby is turning eighteen.
There’s no evolution or any explanations on what’s transpiring. There’re lots of characters appearing without any introduction. You get lost and find yourself reading the prior pages again to see if you missed something. There are grammatical errors. The story has potential. It needs to be developed.
I rate this book ♥ ♥ ♥

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