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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lily Harlem Erotic Romance Author

Hi Lily, it's a great having you stop by to visit and sharing all about you and your books. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live in the UK with my husband and a host of pets that I’ve rescued over the years. I love to walk on the beach, horse-ride and paint. My favourite holiday destination is Thailand, I adore everything about it, the culture, the people, the food and the beautiful scenery.
How did you decided to enter the world of writing?
I moved from London to a rural part of the UK and left my nursing job. I knew no one and to make some friends I started attending a local writing course in the village hall. I lowered the average age by several decades! The course was great fun and the teacher not only brilliant but incredibly enthusiastic about every genre. He encouraged me to read the Story of O and after that I started thinking about writing steamy stories. The rest is history…
What does your family think of your writing?
Only a select few know the genre I write in, but all are proud of me, even if they don’t know the details. They also wonder how it can eat up so many of my days and when I will be rich enough to take them all on a world cruise!!!
Lol, yeah, that's something that everyone thinks.  Where do you get your ideas?
From all sorts of places, in fact I have a page on my website which answers this question in more detail -
Can you tell us a little about your books? 
I have over thirty published stories, and more on the way. I write erotic romance as short novellas, novels and for inclusion in anthologies. I have a series HOT ICE all about the bad boys of hockey, the latest release is TEAMWORK, and another novel SCORED about the England football team – sporting heroes seem a bit of a draw for me. 
I love your books. They all sound great. What is your writing process? 
I usually incubate an idea for a few weeks. Day dream about the characters and visualize certain crucial scenes. Then I just start writing and the other parts of the story come together like a puzzle. 
What was the hardest part for you when working on your book? 
The time. Stealing away, getting peace and quiet, not being hassled to do this, go there, be the person everyone needs a piece of. I love being in demand, but sometimes I just want to hibernate with my characters. 
Lol, I fell the same way. My family keeps trying to pull me away from the laptop.  I sometimes give in, lol. What influenced or inspired you to write? 
Mr Harlem has always told me I should. He says my imagination is too vivid and naughty to stay locked up inside! 
Do you have a favorite character?
I adore Nick from my mmf novel THE GLASS KNOT. He started out as a bit of a secondary character. He was the obstacle, so to speak, to the other two getting together. But as I wrote I totally felt for him and then fell for him. He seemed to be completely independent from what I wanted to do, he insisted on being heard and getting what he wanted. Yes, I love Nick, he’s great. He grew and grew into a wonderful man and in the end I dedicated the epilogue to his voice. You can read reviews for this novel here, he certainly seemed to be a hit with readers too - 
Do you already know what to write next? Can you tell us? 
I have several projects in the pipeline, but next I’m writing the sequel to BITE MARK, my first paranormal at Ellora’s Cave. The second novel is called CLAW MARK. Both will be out later in the year. 
Where can we find more information about you and your books? 
Do you have any last words? 
Oh, yes, can I mention Clandestine Classics? I’ve had my naughty little fingers on TARZAN OF THE APES and added in a pile of steamy scenes between him and Jane. Phew, it was hot. Details here – and now widely available!! 
Also I have a new book out at Mischief Harper Collins, called Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse – that was fun and took me back to my days on the wards! Details on my website. 
Thanks so much for inviting me over today, it’s been fun. Readers do stop by my website and blog and say hi and feel free to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and hang out at Pinterest – you’ll see I’m rather obsessed with pinning!! 
Lol, it has been great having you here. Thank you for visiting.  Please return when you have another new book out to share.  
Fun Questions
I love weekends because? Mr Harlem isn’t at work.
I hate? Marzipan!
I want to buy? Some new shoes!
My favorite song is? Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon – I have fond memories of drunken dancing with friends who have now emigrated.
My favorite precious stone is? Sapphire – Mr Harlem bought me a ring!
I want to travel to? Why? Tuscany. I just watched the film Under a Tuscan Sun. It looks beautiful.
My dream is to? Keep on writing.
My favorite book is? The Time Traveller’s Wife – I’m still in love with Henry even though I read it five years ago!

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