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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mystical Box Sets by Mystical Box Set Babes!

This box set has amazing authors that are 
writing great new 

mystical love stories for you!

Check them out!

Mystical Box Set Babes
P.T. Macias
C.A. Tibbitts
Darlene Kuncytes
Jami Brumfield
Bryce Evans
Julia Mills
E.L.R. Jones
K.K. Weakley
Margaret Taylor
Moira Keith
Shyla Colt
Tasha T. 
S. L. Bull
Marissa Storm
Diana Marie DuBois
Joann H. Buchanan
Billie Jo Hanlin

Mystical Xmas Box Set

Mystical New Love Box set!

Mystical Royal Love -Available Feb 2015 
This one is all about mystical royal love. 

Preorder link. 

Mystical Summer Love - Available on May 2015! 
Oh yeah, this is all about Summer Loving!

Mystical Hot Military Love - Available - July 2015 

These stories are all about the hot military love! 

Check out the amazing trailer that one of our amazing 
Mystical Babe, Julia Mills, created!

OMG, I love it!!

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