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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dancing in Circles by Victoria Adams

Hello Victoria, welcome back. It's a pleasure to meet you Robert. 
Hi, I'm Victoria Adams and I am super excited to be here.
I brought along the hero of book 1 – Dancing in Circles – from my Circles Trilogy -  Robert Holiday. I promised him a beer if he'd sit down and chat. So I'm going to step back and let you take it away.
So, will you introduce yourself?
R – Hi. I'm Robert. I live in North Shore and run with the Shoresmen gang.
Can you explain a bit about Dancing in Circles and how you got to where you are?
R – So, like I said, I run with a gang and sometimes we do stuff that isn't…well anyway, one of the conditions of my parole is to finish school. Cool. I guessed I had to do a few more months at North Shore High and I'm a free man. Nope. Not what the judge had in mind. I ended up registering at Westland Private Prep. This elite prep school full of rich kids. But on the good side, that's where I met Julie.
What made Julie different from the other girls you've been with?
R - Oh jeez, where do I start? First day at Westland Prep, I walked into Biology and there was this girl. She's the only thing I saw. I mean, here's this gang member walkin' into such a rich-bitch (uh, can I say that??) school. I'm tryin' to be cool. Naw – I'm cool. Anyway, she was just sittin' there. I almost ran into the teacher's desk tryin' to look at her but not look like I was lookin' at her.
As I got to know Julie, what set her above the rest was her heart – her soul. She's beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. She has a huge capacity to love and the patience of – gawd, I don't know, but she managed to break down all my barriers.
Julie's the only person, who, when she first looked at me, didn't see a hot cool guy or a gang member, she saw me. And ya know what? That scared the hell out of me. And nobody's ever done that before. 
What plans do you have for the future?
R - Get myself out of school, keep workin' at the ranch and keep lovin' Julie.
Secretly, I'd like to go to college and I wish I could get out of the gang – alive. 
If you could whisk Julie away for a long vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you take her? And what would you do there?
R - Well, pretendin' I actually had some bank so I could afford to take her anywhere. It'd be somewhere super romantic. Like a little island with a big beach and nobody else around. There's so much about her I want to learn. I just want to spend hours talkin' with her.
Ok, yea, I want to hold her and kiss her and stuff. Especially the stuff part. But I want to know what's going on inside her head. What are her hopes and dreams. Hell, I don't even know what her favourite food is. (Mine's beer, if anyone's askin'?)
Jokes aside, I wish I could release what's buried in me and maybe if we had some time I could tell her about the things that haunt me. Maybe she could hold me and scare the monsters away.
Especially the monster that keeps tellin' me that someday I gotta let Julie go. I have to give her up. Come on, gang member and prep school girl – that's like Romeo and Juliet. And that didn't work out so well, did it?
Beer's in the fridge, Robert. You earned it.
Blurb - Dancing in Circles is the story of two prep school students, one (Julie) from privilege, the other (Robert) from poverty and how fate threw them together while society tried to rip them apart.
Excerpt – Profanity – part of gang fight scene
"This is Frank Guiles for CBHY News. Our reporter, Jack Hanes, is currently in North Shore. He has some eyewitness, late-breaking news. Jack?"
The camera focused on a crouching reporter then panned over to an area where a group of men stood. It zoomed closer as the reporter spoke in a barely audible whisper. "Yes, Frank, we're in the field next to Bells Shopping Center. Both gangs are here, Devil's Blood is on the left of your screen and Shoresmen on the right."
As the camera focused on each group, Julie scanned the screen to find Robert. One man from each gang stepped forward and squared off. The screech of tires interrupted their stares. A tall male strode over and stood between the opposing groups.
The reporter looked at the camera. "We're going to open our directional mics to find out what's going on. I advise you to censor who is watching. The language may be offensive and this could get violent."
"Where the fuck did you come from?" The shortest of the three males spoke.
"None of your fuckin' business."
"It's Robert." Julie jumped out of her chair. "He's alive." She settled onto the edge of her seat, fists clenched and heart pounding.
Robert pushed the person to his left. "Move Marco. We got Pete's killer. Get out of here."
"You fuckin' disappear and then try to tell us what to do." Marco shoved Robert.
"I was tryin' to keep the god damn peace." Robert grabbed Marco's jacket then released it with a flick of his hands. "Now, get back or I'll take ya out here and now."
The two Shoresmen stood nose to nose. Marco blinked first and walked away. Julie released the breath she'd been holding.
Robert turned to the shorter man. "Juan, get your guys outta my territory, or I'll let my guys eat ya alive."
"You sure you got control of them?" Juan nodded towards Marco.
"He'll be dealt with. Now get outta here."
"Let's say, for the fun of it, you and I fight. Winner takes all." Juan stood tall, trying to appear threatening.
Robert snorted. "No problem. I ain't got no plans for the next two minutes."
Juan pulled a knife out of his jacket pocket. "Big tough guy. Thinks he's so fuckin' tough."
"I'll pound your face into the pavement and take your gang." Robert threw his arm out and pointed. "Just get the fuck outta here."
With screeches of brakes and slamming doors, several carloads of gang members lined themselves alongside the Blood gang. Another person walked over to the spot where Robert and Juan stood. He was almost as tall as Robert was. Even his long, unwashed hair added to the impression of height. His voice was too low for the microphone to pick up what he said.
"Fuck!" Robert shook his head and aimed his index finger at Juan. "Point for ya. I didn't realize ya was stallin'. I just thought ya was just fuckin' stupid." Robert shifted and yelled over his shoulder. "Blood and Death want Shoresmen turf."
The Shoresmen screamed obscenities and threw visual insults at the other gangs.
Robert waved his arms silencing them. "You'se guys sit. This is between me and them. Last man standing."
"Shoresmen rule!" A voice called out.
Robert raised his right fist. "Shoresmen rule!"
The leader of second gang jerked his thumb towards Robert. "Who gets to go first?"
Juan sneered. "I've had to put up with this hombre for longer than you. I get the first crack at killin' the bastard."
Robert gave Juan a push. "Leave my lineage out of this."
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