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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noble Nevada by Erin O'Quinn

Hi Erin, it a pleasure to have you

 visiting.''  Please tell us a little about

The name Erin O’Quinn is pure fiction,

 meant to reflect my deep interest in the 

culture, language and folkloric tradition 

of Ireland. My first six novels, all 

published by Siren Bookstrand, are set in Ireland of the 5th 

century AD, in the time of St. Patrick.
Now I’ve begun to venture into the world of the Roaring 

Twenties in a book called Heart to Hart; and into a world I 

know very well--the small town out-west setting of a 

fictional town called Noble, Nevada. From that setting come

 two MM novels: Noble Nevada and The Chase, both 

published by Amber Allure, the MM wing of Amber Quill 

I am semi-retired now, after a multi-faceted life of car 

selling, college teaching, newspaper marketing and lots 

more. Until I actually sat down and began to write novels for 

a living, I was very physically active in my jobs and my 

recreation too. Now, sadly, my exercise is walking from the 

computer to the refrigerator....
Q: What does your family think of your writing?
For “family,” insert “husband.” My husband Bil is a genius 

and a wit who pretty much puts up with my constant 

presence at the keyboard. He likes to write, too, but usually

 short and pointed vignettes on political blog sites. He 

stopped reading my stuff when I began to venture from YA 

innocence into romance. These days, with all my MM 

writing, he can usually be found in another room when I

 write. But believe me, Bil is super supportive.
Q: How did you decide to enter the world of writing?
Coming from an academic background in English and 

Comparative Lit, I’ve always been a writer--but in a world far

 removed from the one I now inhabit. In the halcyon days of 

college, I lived in the world of late-night term papers,

 academic treatises, frenzied “interpretations” of esoteric 

poetry. You probably know the scene. But once I left college, 

I gladly left that kind of writing far behind and didn’t begin 

to write again for at least thirty years. It took that long to get 

the “ivory tower” writing out of my system!
When I did start to write seriously, it was the series of 

adventures of a young red-headed hellion back in the 430 AD

 time frame, in the area of Liverpool then called Deva 

Victrix. That phase produced four books, all historical 

fantasies, scheduled for publication beginning early next 

A quick bit of arithmetic here adds up to 13 books, and I’m

 not including short stories. Probably more than two million

 words, ay ay ay.
Q: Where do you get your ideas?
With each new book, new characters arise. Those characters 

usually demand that their stories be heard. So one book has

 evolved in to the next. The ideas come as I type. Always.
Q: Can you tell us about your latest book?
The book that was published just 

a few days ago is called Noble, 

Nevada. It takes its name from a 

fictional small town in Nevada, 

my home state; and it bears a 

very slight resemblance to my 

home town.
In the book, two unlikely men

 meet: an uneducated drifter 

named Rick, a man of stunning 

good looks and delft-blue eyes 

(like old china) ... and Tony, a

 kind of  smart-ass kid just out of

college who’s in Noble for his mom’s funeral and is also 

ducking his possessive girlfriend.
The chance meeting of these two men leads to a hot

 romantic interlude, and finally to something more than

sexual attraction. But just as they seem on the verge of a 

happy future together, the past of each man comes back to

deny them that happiness.
Q: What was the hardest part for you when working on your

I think the real pain began when I knew I had to cut out 

some repetitive scenes, told from two different POVs. For 

instance, there’s a scene at  the beginning when Tony wakes

 up in Rick’s seedy motel room. The two men interact with 

an extremely subtle attraction. But I could not narrate the

scene from both POVs. To keep both viewpoints would meet 

with an instant hatchet from the editor.
I have this same dilemma all the time: how can I tell the 

reader what’s going on inside each character’s mind as 

crucial actions are taking place, without  the editor (or 

reader) spanking me for repeating the action?
Q: What influenced you to write this book?
I’m a member of a small FB writer’s group.  One day a sister 

member and I began to discuss “writing what you know.” I 

told her she knew all about cowboys, coming as she does

 from the Houston, TX area. And then I realized that I know 

all about small western town people, because I was born and

 raised in a tiny town in the mountains of Nevada. So not 

only did I write Noble, Nevada ... I followed it very quickly

with a sequel called The Chase. This later novel has

different MCs, but it it set in and around the same small

town. In fact, in The Chase, I begin to make the fabric of the

town more dense and more interesting.
Together, both novels make up the series called NOBLE 

DIMENSIONS. There may be other novels hidden in that

little town. I’ll have to give it some thought.
Q: Do you already know what to write next? Can you tell us?
It’s no secret that I’m writing for NaNoWriMo again this

year. Last year’s effort was a YA historical fantasy that will

 be published in January, written under my real name. This

 year, far from the eyes of children and under my current 

pen name, I created a MM  novel called Heart to Hart [The 

Gaslight Mysteries].
The novel is a boisterous comedy-romance-mystery set in a

fantasy Dublin-like city in the 1920s. The protagonists are a 

careful, fastidious, surly and handsome man named Simon

Hart; and a rollicking, horny and altogether intriguing man

named Michael  McCree, an Irishman. The two men become

unlikely partners in a Holmes-Watson type of investigation

agency. Simon ends up spending most of his time ducking 

Michael’s  forthright interest, while Michael sets about

solving the main mystery: who murdered Simon’s former 

Q: Where can we find more information about you and your 

I’m so glad you asked! Please refer to my

 author page, which lists all  my e-books and paperbacks:
and my Siren Bookstrand author page, which carries an

interview and guides the reader to book excerpts:
And for Noble, Nevada, which has just debuted and is still on

the publisher’s website, please go to:
Readers who are interested in the Ireland side of the

equation may well find some compelling  info. about  

Ireland--original articles and great photos--on my Gaelic 

blog, The Gaelic Spirit Lives Here,
And readers who like a little erotica might like The Man in
Following is my sig line, which will link you to all my 

\important work:
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Q: Finally, will you treat us to an excerpt from your Noble, 

Gladly. This short bit comes from near the middle of the 

novel, when the men are just beginning to get over the first 

hot surge to just make love without understanding the 

needs of the other lover. Here, Rick plays a little 

“dominance” game, all the while both of them know that 

they must learn some important rules of making each other 

feel good.
They undressed again, each standing across from each other at the sagging little bed. Tony thought he’d been drained last night, but now the semen seemed to be surging through his balls. He knew there was a viscous sheen on the tip of his cock. “Lay down, man. I got something to show you.”
Again, he found himself slipping into the easy speech he’d left behind when he’d left Noble. He no longer felt a need to sound like he was in a goddamn English class. He’d hone his language skills later, in a courtroom. He knew Rick wouldn’t judge him.
Rick stood on the other side of the bed and put one foot on the top, the same way he’d straddled the bar stool. Tony’s prick stirred when he saw his lover’s soft testicles hanging and his prick standing up. Rick was giving him a hard time, in more ways than one.
“You mean you want me to jump back into this sway-backed bed, Tone?”
Tony picked up the tube of K-Y gel. “Do it or I’ll put you there.”
“Don’t aggravate me, Tone. You’ll have to put me there.”
Tony walked right over the top of the bed. “Okay, man, you wanna pay the landlord for another bed, you go ahead and play hard to get.”
In one step, Tony had scaled the bed and jumped on Rick, keeping him in a chokehold while he wrestled him onto the bed. The bed moaned and caved. “Stop! Stop!” Rick was laughing. “Don’t break the goddamn thing. I yield!”
By now, Tony had his wrists pinned to the bed, and he was straddling the bigger man’s strong body.
“Then turn over, damn it, Rick. Turn over.”
He felt powerful. His cock felt like it weighed five pounds. It felt like a baseball bat. His balls were on fire, and Rick’s muscular chest was rising and falling under him. He didn’t know why it was so important to fuck Rick’s ass, but he wanted to show him how good it could be, how much he loved it where Rick had taken him last night. He didn’t want to be the “one on the bottom” all the time, and Rick needed to learn how he felt.
He lay across Rick’s chest and talked into his mouth. “C’mon, Rick. It’s all good. You won’t be any less a stud if you let me take you sometimes. Like now. I gotta have you right now.”
“Yes, I want to feel it, too.” He quieted suddenly and traced Tony’s mustache with his tongue. “Show me how it really feels, Tone. Make me come if you can.”


  1. Dear Patricia,

    Let me be the first to comment by extending my gratitude. This is a wonderful blogsite, and I'm thrilled to be part of it today. Thanks so much for inviting me. I hope when the sequel comes out in January (THE CHASE) you'll invite me back.

    All best, Erin

  2. WOOOO, Erin, that is one SMOKIN' excerpt! I LOVE IT! I was excited (excuse the pun) from the beginning when I heard you were writing this one, but this is incredible! And this blog is BEAUTIFUL! What a great interview! Patricia, this will not be my last visit to your blog - this place is awesome!

  3. Thanks for your words of support, Morgann. Trust me, it's a wilderness out here without supporters like you. say you already know that? :-D

  4. Really enjoyed learning more about you and where you come from. I think I need to read your Irish stories first. I love ancient tales. Thanks for a great interview.

  5. Um, yes, Krystal, Manlove isn't for every one. My Irish tales are (mostly) M/F, except for the Iron Warrior series. Thank you kindly for stopping by and reading the bio. It's always a joy when people leave a comment.

  6. This is one of the best blogs I have seen. I will be following! Of course Erin makes such a spectacular guest blogger too. I absolutely love reading anything she participates in, and you seemed to ask all the right questions Patricia. Erin, that excerpt is just smokin' hott girl. I absolutely love hearing how you got to this point, how you came up with ideas and how you intertwine these characters of yours into such a joy to read about. You are one hell of a storyteller young lady. Excellent job to you Erin and also Patricia for the blog. Very impressed with both of you! Oh P.S. Erin, I wanna be you when I grow up-hahaha! :)

  7. What a heart-warming comment, Piper Kay. I'm absolutely thunderstruck by your praise. I wish the great public felt that way! But now I have words from a fan to live up to, and I'll try my best to do just that.

    I've read hyour stuff too, missy, and may I say that you seem to hold the patent on SMOKIN HOTT.


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